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It Is Time To Act

August 27, 2009

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Mr. Obama has been taped, describing our Constitution as a “negative document”, and our founders, as being limited to their time in history.

Ladies and gentlemen, our founders were speaking to you and I, for precisely these days! They knew these days would come sooner or later.
They also knew that local despots would be overthrown in good time.  My goodness, in these days of the internet…”in good time” takes place in the blink of an eye.

No, the one thing that caused them to risk everything including their “…lives…fortunes…and sacred honor” was to limit a national government/aristocracy/king…who could gather the power to overwhelm, imprison, and even murder…

Our founders trusted us to hold the line.  They trusted us to sustain liberty and freedom for our posterity.  Fifty six remarkable men bet their all…on us.  Hundreds of thousands of our service men and women risked and gave their lives believing we would hold the line in their absence….did you read that? ……. In their absence!

Every one of those Americans wagered everything on the courage…of you and I.

Fortunately, here at home, we had discovered another “war winner”.  “Deterrence“! The very fact of a hundred million armed Americans declaring…”NO “…has kept the radicals in line.

Unfortunately, deterrence has now failed.  The radicals have lied their way into office.  Not only that, Mr. Obama has publicly declared the need for an “internal security force equal to our present military”.  Excuse me, Mr. Obama…..your thugs are outnumbered a hundred to one.

Ladies and gentlemen, we all know that we live in a fragile bubble of freedom in a hostile world.  All over the globe, and all down through history, freedom and liberty have been the exceptions to the norm.

For the very first time, we Americans have national would-be “governors” who want to enslave the productive members among us, and give the fruits of our sweat to people who will not work, or they are incapable of work due to abject ignorance.

At the same time, they have given a green light to our enemies abroad.
They have dipped our flag to dictators, and bowed to a Saudi king.

In the history of the earth, no citizenry has enjoyed liberty and freedom for more than generation.  We here in America have been “free” for over a hundred years.  Black, white, or striped green and purple, most of us have considered the policeman on the corner our “peace officer”.  Ladies and gentlemen, in all of history, and most of the world today………that has never been the case.

…..If we start working…very hard…right the hell now…we can stop the horror of nuclear war…..or civil war….. in the United States of America.

We at T.E.A.M  AMERICA  have found the levers to move this country back to freedom and we are acting on them.

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We must not become myopic.  We must understand that we are under attack on a number of battlefields…but our enemies are the same traitors, with the same grand strategy.

The Battles We Must Win Now

1.  We must defeat the Government take over of our medical care and
insurance system.

2.  We must defeat the government’s effort to cripple our economy by
rationing energy through cap-and-trade…or any other scheme.

3.  We must defeat “card-check” that would put our livelihoods under the
thumbs of Union thugs.

4.   We must defeat any government effort to silence our voices, in the
media, or on the internet.

5.  We must utterly destroy the radical’s logistics train.  (We must stop
paying advertising revenue to their news organizations.)  Finally, we must

hold the “center” !  There are lunatics on both the
right …as well as the left, spoiling for a gun-fight. The Center Must Hold.


Ladies and gentlemen, we in the so-called “small business” community along with veterans who took their oath seriously, make up some 80% of this country.  That gives us awesome power when we simply choose to harness it…and wield it…..from the center.  We believe we should wield that power with thoughtfulness, with compassion, and with an icy resolve.